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Deliver the utmost precision in gait analysis and rehabilitation anywhere, anytime

Take patient care to the next level with rapid, seamless, and precise gait analysis. Extend your treatment beyond in-clinic sessions through customizable gait retraining interventions that can be tracked remotely.

Supported Frameworks

A Completely Unique Value Proposition

Traditional gait rehabilitation (muscle strengthening) in clinic combined with the promotion of (neuroplasticity/neuro motor learning with) WithinStride done at home.

Join us in Deploying a New Gold Standard in the Delivery of Gait Rehabilitation

Why Partner with PROVA?

Device-to-Clinic Referrals

Patients who purchase WithinStride as an activity tracker may later be referred to your clinic to provide both in-clinic and at-home interventions.

Attracting a Wider Audience

With the integration of PROVA’s WithinStride system, providers can appeal to a broader range of patients seeking innovative and advanced gait rehabilitation solutions. This modern approach can attract tech-savvy patients and those looking for cutting-edge treatments.

Positioning as a Market Leader

By offering a unique tech solution, providers can position themselves as leaders in the field of gait rehabilitation, drawing in new patients who want the best available care.

Continuous Care Model

The ability to monitor patients continuously, even outside the clinic, allows providers to maintain an ongoing relationship with their patients. This continuous touchpoint can lead to increased patient loyalty and trust.

Proactive Interventions

With real-time data, providers can proactively reach out to patients if they notice any anomalies or areas of concern. This proactive approach can impress patients, making them feel valued and cared for, thus increasing retention rates.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Our Gamification elements, such as rewards, badges, or progress tracking, can motivate patients to adhere to their rehabilitation routines more diligently. This increased engagement can lead to better outcomes, enhancing the provider’s reputation for effective treatments.

Positive Feedback Loop

As patients see their progress visualized through gamified elements, they’re more likely to feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction. This positive reinforcement can lead to higher compliance rates and more consistent engagement with the treatment process.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our WithinStride® system offers providers the ability to access detailed gait data without the need to invest in expensive gait lab equipment. This cost-saving can be passed on to patients, making treatments more affordable, or reinvested into other areas of the practice.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With access to over 25 gait parameters, providers can make more informed decisions about treatment plans. This data-driven approach can lead to more effective treatments, enhancing the provider’s reputation for excellence.

Expand Service Offerings

Without the need for significant capital investment, providers can easily expand their service offerings to include advanced gait analysis and rehabilitation. This expansion can attract a wider range of patients and increase revenue streams.

New Revenue Streams for your Clinic

For an average clinician seeing 200 patients,

Leveraging Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) CPT codes can result in an additional $300,000 USD in potential revenue.

CPT 98977

Gather feedback via WithinStride system, access high-quality analytical data, monitor patient compliance, and conduct functional evaluations.

($55.72 Billable once every 30 days) interaction and monitoring)

CPT 98981

Log the duration dedicated to each patient’s monitoring to ensure accurate billing for additional time units.

($40.83 Billable multiple times per month for every additional 20 minutes of patient interaction and monitoring)

CPT 98975

Initiate patient onboarding and verify their initial walking data.

($19.38 one time per episode of care)

CPT 98980

Organize audio-visual consultations, oversee patient information, refresh exercise routines, and maintain communication through messaging and video interactions.

($50.18 billable once per calendar month)

PROVA's technology is a game changer for how gait rehabilitation and care are measured and carried out in the home"

Dr. Alex Mihailidis Scientific DirectorAGE-WELL Network Centres of Excellence

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